Friday, September 4, 2009

How to Support Runners Running a Half Marathon and Marathon for Charity

I first got into running 5K races because it is a great way to stay fit and give back to local charities in my community. Runners don’t have to stop at 3.1 miles, though. A number of dedicated runners are challenging themselves and raising money for those in need by running a half marathon for charity.

Donate to their good causes and show them you support their efforts to “go the distance” today:

Alex Ford is raising money for Help For Heroes by running the October 11, 2009 EDF Energy Birmingham Half Marathon. Help for Heroes rehabilitates injured service men and women.

Simon Bates is running the BUPA Great North Run 2009 on September 20, 2009. His charity is Max Appeal, a charity which supports those affected by DiGeorge syndrome and their families.

Caleb Masland has launched a campaign to raise 2620 pledged canned food donations - 100 for each mile of the marathon he will be running. Your donation will help YOUR local food pantry. Just provide your pledge in the sidebar form, and then go take that donation to your local food bank.

For me, committing to run for a charity worked because if I felt like quitting training, I would feel guilty because I would be letting down myself AND the charity. Sometimes guilt is a good motivator to get out and do a run when my natural motivation is flagging.

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