Friday, May 22, 2009

Map My Run is a great resource for running in Albany, NY

Mapmyrun is a great website for finding runs designed by local runners.

The website lists over 700 "runner tested and approved" running routes in the Albany area, ranging from a 1 mile loop in Washington park to the Freihofer’s 5K route to an ambitious 20 mile loop starting and ending at the SUNY Albany campus.

I like this website because the runs are plotted by Capital region runners, which means that the roads should be relatively safe and runner friendly.

I ran for the first time with my new orthotics in Buffalo, NY yesterday. I started from my hotel on Main street and ran to the Irish Famine Memorial, around to see the lighthouse, over past the USS The Sullivans, down to the HSBC arena and back up Main Street to the hotel. I enjoy this run because I was born in Buffalo and I am familiar with the roads, but if I was traveling to a strange city, I would take advantage of a route from MapMyRun.

How do you plan your outdoor runs?

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