Monday, September 28, 2009

Video Review – NCAA: Nutrition and Eating Disorders in College Athletics

NCAA: Nutrition and Eating Disorders in College Athletics

Part 1 Afraid to Eat: Eating Disorders and the Student Athlete
Part 2 Eating Disorders: What Can you do?
Part 3 Out of Balance: Nutrition and Weight

Each video is around 15 minutes long and features candid interviews with actual collegiate athletes.

I was shocked at the types of attitudes about weight there were in college when I was growing up (the informational packet included articles on sports and nutrition from the late 1980’s). An athlete stated that there was a weekly weigh in on her team and the two members of her cross country who had gained the most weight were forced to wear t-shirts that advertised their status as the heaviest members of the team.

I had always been just a middle to the back of the pack runner in high school, I feel relieved that I wasn’t subjected to that type of pressure in my teen years.

I have been slim my whole life, and I was on a good cross country team in high school, so I have a positive attitude about sports and athletic competition. It is easy for me to decide to get into running each spring and compete in local 5K and 15K races. Based on the negative things that may go on in other sports teams, I can see how some former athletes and non athletes may have negative attitudes about sports.

Golda of the Body Love Wellness Blog shares her some great questions that non-athletes can think about before taking up a training and exercise program in the article, 'Exorcising Exercising.'

Golda recommends taking some quiet time to write out feelings about exercise, including answering these questions:

What “exercise” means to you. Her tip is that if “exercise” doesn’t have strong connotations for you, try other words, like “working out” or “body movement.”

Your negative experiences regarding exercise.

Your positive experiences regarding exercise.

Your assumptions about exercise.

I will answer these questions for myself in an upcoming post!

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