Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: Endurance Athlete's Edge by Marc Evans

‘Endurance Athlete’s Edge’ by Marc Evans offers advice on periodization, and training intensity zones in addition to basic information on running form, running drills and tips on preventing common running injuries.

Evans details the physiological benefits of each of the different types of running workouts. He separates workouts into Aerobic Conditioning (70 – 80% of Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), Anaerobic Conditioning (80 – 90% of MHR), Aerobic Capacity (90 – 95% of MHR) and Anaerobic capacity (100% of MHR)

Aerobic conditioning workouts should be at least 20 minutes long.

Anaerobic Conditioning workouts should be 15 to 25 minutes total running in 1 mile repetitions with rest intervals of under 1 minute. The pace should be race pace.

Aerobic Capacity workouts should be 10 – 21 minutes of running separated into 800 meter repetitions, with rest intervals of equal time. The pace should be slightly faster than race pace.

Anaerobic capacity workouts should be 4 - 10 minutes of running separated into 20 second all-out sprints with 40 second rest intervals.

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