Friday, July 24, 2009

How to stay motivated and how to use a running log, journal or diary

Training for the 15K has gone well this week, even though I spent a night in a hotel in Buffalo. I am also excited to get a much needed bike tune-up at the Downtube in Albany, NY, which will put me back into the saddle on crosstraining days.

I will really need my running journal to keep my schedule straight in the next two weeks of travel. I will be visiting Long Island, NYC, Buffalo, Reno and San Francisco.

Professional running and triathlon coach Ron Bowman offers tips for beginning runners in this video available on Youtube. My favorite tip was the advice about keeping a running journal.

My running journal is a month to month datebook with a photo of Ronald Reagan on the front. I record each day’s workout, how I felt, and if I ate any fried or empty carb foods (pizza, rolls, cake, etc.) This journal came in handy when I injured myself, I could show myself and my doctors exactly what type of training I have been doing over the past few months.

Personal Trainer Lee Hayward advises his bodybuilding clients to keep a training journal as well, it is tip #4 of his ten tips to stay motivated.

What details do you record in your training or running diary?

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