Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to start running again after an injury or break from running

I enjoy reading about running at Runners Lounge, and one of my favorite blogs, The Rules and Laws of Running, is by runners Tom Green and Amy Hunold-VanGundy.

I took a lot of good advice from the blog post Advice from an Expert Beginner. Amy Hunold-VanGundy offers tips for veteran runners that are re-entering training after a period of inactivity or injury.

While I was recovering from the ITBS injury, I felt sad at the thought of the endurance built up from my 6 and 7 mile runs slipping away as I focused on healing and cross training. I was scared of losing my motivation and slipping into a habit of skipping workouts and settling for less than my best when I did lace my shoes and head out to Washington Park.

Hunold-VanGundy advises beginning runners to build an athletic base, cross train, listen to our bodies and rely on a coach or knowledgeable friend to temper our newfound enthusiasm for getting back into shape.

I work well by following a training schedule; it prevents me from overtraining, builds cross training and strength workouts into my schedule, and gives me the feeling of accomplishing my goals.

I started to run a 13 mile run with the Albany Running Exchange on Sunday. On about mile 9, my knee pain flared back up and I ended up walking the last two miles. I iced and took NSAIDs, and discovered my old tube of icy hot. I still get some pain when I first start to walk on the knee, but it is better than Sunday. My cross training for today was an hour of Yoga, which felt great.

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