Friday, April 24, 2009

Running Orthotics will cure my ITBS, tibial torsion and pes planus!

I visited the talented folks at General Orthopedic at 1659 Central Avenue in Albany, NY last night to get fitted for orthotics. General Orthopedic also manufactures, and sells orthopedic shoes. After a thorough and fun examination, I was diagnosed with winking patellas, tibial torsion, ITBS and pes planus.

They made impressions of my feet in foam and will construct a custom orthotic that will fit right into my current running shoes and align my feet correctly. This means that my days of hip pain from ITBS are over, and I can start to run again without pain or the constant fear that I will injure my iliotibial band. I am so excited that I finally have a medical diagnosis and a cure for my running injuries.

I am still keeping up with my physical therapy, practicing yoga and running.

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  1. Good post, you may also want to consider Active Release Techniques for this condition in conjunction with exercise and activities of daily living modifications. These are some of our YouTube Video’s on running conditions .

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    All the best Dr. Brian Abelson