Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to reduce injury on long runs and How to use a stability ball in workouts

I attended a seminar on exercise at the Honest Weight Food Coop in Albany last weekend. Physical Therapist Brendan Sullivan offered tips on exercise and dispelled many exercise myths.

I learned a lot from his presentation, but the most valuable thought for me was this – athletes tend to get sore after exercising for a while and think that the injury is due to the number of miles that they have run. In fact, the soreness may come from the fact that when runners start to get tired, their form gets sloppy and the injury or soreness comes from bad running form.

I did observe that on a recent 5 mile run, I started to struggle at the end to keep good form. I will remember to be aware of my form throughout my runs in the future to guard against this type of injury!

Brendan showed several videos and recommended the use of a stability ball in workouts to exercise core muscles. One of the videos is here:

Do you use the stability ball in your workouts?

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