Monday, April 20, 2009

How to replace expensive post-workout protein bars with real food

I found today's early morning treadmill run unusually hard, and really relished my post workout drink. has published a cute article about sports nutrition by sports nutritionist Nancy Clark MS, RD of Healthworks, in Chestnut Hill, MA titled ‘Start Your Engines: The ABC's of Sports Nutrition.’

The information is presented in alphabetical order. My favorite tip is 'E' – Clark says that, “energy bars are more about convenience than necessity. Bananas, yogurt, fig cookies and granola bars offer convenient fuel at a fraction of the price.”

I do enjoy protein powder shakes after my workouts, but I will also try to pack fresh fruit for my post workout meals. A recent delicious addition to my hour long cardio workout at the has been a post-workout snack of a handful of salted almonds.

What do you eat after your workouts? Real food or sports beverages/bars?

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