Monday, April 6, 2009

My experience with Chi Running

Over the weekend I visited the Adirondack Sports and Fitness Summer Expo in Saratoga Springs.

I attended a standing room only presentation on Chi Running taught by Ann Margaret McKillop. McKillop explained the reasoning behind Chi Running and demonstrated the proper running form for this running style that borrows from the practice of T'ai Chi.

McKillop also teaches private Chi Running lessons. She covers how to achieve the Chi Running form, including the steps of posture, lean and lift; offers core muscle drills and exercises; teaches pre-run looseners and post-run stretches; and offers tips on how to run various speeds while conserving energy. McKillop describes Chi Running as a way to achieve injury free running that utilizes, not fights, the forces of nature. Her website is

I tried Chi Running on my six mile Sunday run. I did feel more relaxed on this run than previous runs and found that my mind wanted me to stop running, as usual on long runs, but my body did not have as much fatigue or come close to exhaustion. I will use Chi Running all this week and see if the benefits continue.

Here is a video explaining more about Chi Running:

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