Monday, April 27, 2009

How to become inspired again after a running injury

I had my last ITBS physical therapy session at Empire Health and Wellness Center before I get my running orthotics.

I ran an exhilarating 35 minutes on the treadmill, then worked on my balance with the bosu ball. I also did some lunges and learned how to do squats with the stability ball. I liked doing the squats, because the stability ball provided a little bit of a back massage!

I talked with Brendan about how my physical progress had outpaced my mental progress. I can run pain free but I am scared to run and potentially injure my ankle or knee or hip. The fearful feeling is stronger now that the orthotics are on the way. Like a soldier would say - "I'm short!" I just don't want anything to happen when a permanent cure to my running injury is so close at hand.

I'm working on getting the joy back in my running.

I had a great run in Central Park, NYC yesterday and went to the corner of 90th and 5th to visit the statue of Fred Lebow, the founder of the NYC Marathon. Seeing all the cyclists and runners passing the statue got me back in the mood to start training again!

If you need some inspiration and cannot get to Central Park, here is a funny video made by high school runners that really takes me back to high school track days:

These are my new track spikes!

How do you get inspired to run after a setback or injury?

What is your favorite cross country or track memory?

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