Friday, October 2, 2009

Review of Marathon and Half Marathon, The Beginners Guide by Marnie Caron

I am coming closer and closer to the date of my half marathon!

I felt good all this week, completing 2 five mile runs, an hour of yoga and an hour of weight training. I feel like the lunges and squats are strengthening my legs and preventing injuries. My last regular run is ten miles this Saturday, then I start my taper! I am considering giving myself the option of walking during part of my half marathon, an idea I learned from the book 'Marathon and Half Marathon, The Beginner's Guide.'

'Marathon and Half Marathon The Beginners Guide' by Marnie Caron

This is a good book for the beginning athlete contemplating making their long term goal the completion of a half marathon.

The training schedule involves walking at set periods of time during every run and in the half marathon itself, which may be a less scary approach than committing oneself to eventually making a long run of 2 hours or more at the end of the half marathon training.

There is some solid, basic nutritional information in the Fueling the Athlete chapter, but since the book is written by a Canadian, all the recommendations based on weight are in kilograms, not pounds. This would be a good first book to read for a runner just beginning half marathon training, as it covers all sorts of questions, like including your family in running, running with a stroller and running with a dog.

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