Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How runners relax - 20 best relaxation tips

I am an endorphin junkie, which is why running is my passion. When I am injured or tapering for a race, I have to rely on activities OTHER than a relaxing run to de-stress after work.

Here is a list of things I like to do. Please add your favorite FREE relaxation techniques in the comments section!

Walk in the flower garden at Washington Park, look at brightly colored flowers

Practice my Chi Gong workout DVD -- practicing Chi Gong the night before my half marathon let me relax enough to get a good night's sleep.

Practice some Acupressure with my Acupressure DVD

Get up early and practice Yoga with Steve Ross on Oxygen, or do a few poses from a Yoga DVD

Pet my cat and kiss my dog

Place a heating pad on lower back or neck

Read a book quietly

Take a bubble bath

Pick a new Jazz CD from library and listen while I am cooking dinner

Gather the old bread in my fridge and feed the birds or ducks

Walk in the park with a tree book to identify trees

Hug a tree and think about how old it is

Volunteer to play with kittens at shelter

Take a power nap

Rub lotion on my feet

Read jokes that make me laugh out loud

Share a funny story with a good friend

Listen to relaxing music

Go for a drive down country roads

Bring my focus to my breathing and imagine I am breathing out stress and breathing in relaxation

Including activities that help to relax me and make me feel happy puts me in a good mood.

A few activities that do cost money include a massage at the massage school, buying a new scented hand wash and taking a class to develop a new skill, like jewelry making or flying a plane.

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