Sunday, June 8, 2014

Noonmark Mountain Hike Report

Noonmark Mountain Hike Report

by Kathleen Lisson

Ladder on Noonmark

Arun and I hiked Noonmark on Memorial Day. We planned it as a half-day hike on our way from the Adirondak Loj to home in Troy. 

After dinner at the Adirondak Loj the previous night, a Loj employee read the weather report - warm, overcast and windy at the summits.

I learned:

  • Waterproof pants are empowering - I was more willing to climb on wet rocks because my butt would not get wet. They're NOT just for rainy days!
  • Hiking poles make a steep trail easier on the knees. 
  • Noonmark's summit is rocky, which makes for amazing views BUT was dangerous in the day's windy conditions. 
  • I used my rock climbing skills to get up part of this trail. A visit to the rock gym is part of a good hiker's cross training.

  • Just because a peak isn't part of the 46, DOESN'T mean it is "easy." 

Summit of Noonmark

Noonmark Mountain Hiking Information from ADK -

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