Thursday, June 19, 2014

Freshette Review

Freshette Review

By Kathleen Lisson

On the advice of Kilimanjaro veteran Jenne Fromm, I purchased a Freshette.


I have used it a few times while hiking in the Adirondacks and will take it to Kilimanjaro with me. What I have learned:

  • Peeing like a boy is much better than peeing like a girl. I can walk a few paces from the trail and face a tree to pee instead of tramping across vegetation until I cannot see the trail anymore before I drop my pants. 

  • There is a skill to removing the Freshette from my pants after urinating. I must keep the plastic close to my skin or I will have pee running down my leg. I think having the device at the correct angle was also part of my problem. 

  • Keep everything less dirty by placing a wet wipe in the pink part between uses. I also rinsed it with water after using, kept it in a plastic sack inside my backpack and cleaned the whole thing between hikes.

  • A panty liner will catch any stray pee. 

I look forward to using Freshette on Kilimanjaro! 

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