Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to start training for a 5K race after a scheduled break from running

My month-long break from running lasted two weeks. Sunday afternoon I was back on the treadmill and weighing whether I should train for a New Year's eve/day 5K race.

I am starting off slow, running a half mile the first day and increasing my daily distance to a mile every other day for the first week.

I am adding this running into my present exercise schedule. Right now I am practicing an hour of yoga on Monday and Wednesday, doing a half hour of multi-joint lower body exercises like squats and lunges on Tuesday and Saturday and performing upper and lower body weight training using weight machines at the gym on Thursday and Sunday. I also use my gym time to warm up on the elliptical and work on my balance with the bosu ball.

I am experimenting with using yoga to stretch after my runs.

In the Runners’ World article ‘Flexibility Routine,’ Sage Rountree provides a 10-minute postrun yoga practice that will improve your range of motion and prevent injury. If you already practice yoga, you will be familiar with these positions, which include the triangle and the pigeon.

I did make some strength gains on my schedule of weightlifting, and had enough motivation to continue, but the lure of running is too strong and I had to start running again. After a year of training, being a runner is an essential part of my personality.

Is running an essential part of your personality?

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