Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to cut calories on Thanksgiving, Holiday Parties and Christmas

Men's Health reports that the average person consumes 600 extra calories EVERY DAY during the holiday season. How can runners enjoy the tastes and treats of the holiday in moderation and still stay on a training diet?

Eat This Not That can help. Their slideshow of 'The Best and Worst Holiday Foods' advises drinking homemade hot chocolate or champagne instead of egg nog and eating shrimp cocktail and melon balls wrapped in Prosciutto instead of crab cakes or artichoke dip.

I am surprised to learn that a slice of pecan pie a la mode is 810 calories and eating beef tenderloin instead of prime rib saves about 600 calories!

What tricks do you use to cut down on extra calories during the holidays?

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1 comment:

  1. I don't worry about needing to cut down on calories through the holidays because, for good or ill, I maintain my fitness throughout the year. I exercise portion control, whether the food is grandma's or at a restaurant. I don't feel deprived, as I can eat anything I want, just not too much :-)

    Run every day too!! It's all about consistency.

    Dr. J