Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Clean Your Camelback -- Video

How to Clean Your Camelback -- Video

how to clean camelback

I remember getting my first Camelback a few years ago. I loved the way it made drinking while hiking so much easier. I got so excited that I started flavoring my water by adding powder into my Camelback. I didn't rinse it well enough and ended up with a disgusting film and taste in my hydration system. Lesson Learned! I'm keeping my current Camelback to just water and making sure it is nice and dry after every use. 

Backpacker Magazine has an informative video titled 'Backpacker's Gear School: Preserve your hydration Bladder' on how to clean a Camelback. I bought the cleaning kit off of Amazon and wondered if I was using the hanger correctly. This video shows how to insert it into the Camelback and offers a great tip on where to store a Camelback in between hikes. 

Watch the 'Backpacker's Gear School: Preserve Your Hydration Bladder' video here: http://youtu.be/t-x_hkgdW7A

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