Monday, June 29, 2009

Map of my Great 8 mile Run in Central Park, NYC

I had an amazing run in Central Park last Sunday. I had shrimp scampi over linguine for dinner the night before and woke up and ate a cup of applesauce and drank a glass of water before my run.

I stopped twice along the run at water fountains to grab some water. The run was fun because I had to choose which path to take several times in the park. I enjoyed the sound of cyclists whooshing past me, the fresh green plant smell of the park, the view from the resivoir and got really excited when I saw the finish line of a charity 5K that was in the park that morning.

I allowed myself a good long walk home to cool down my muscles, then ate eggs, fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast. I grabbed a yogurt to eat immediately after my run to make sure my muscles had sugar and protein to rebuild in the critical 30 minute period after hard exercise.

This run was critical for me because at the end of the 8 miles, I still felt like I could continue running. I now have confidence that I will be able to complete the Utica Boilermaker!

The map of my run is here:

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