Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to cool down after a run - Relaxing Post Run / Exercise Music

My blood is still pumping and I feel tired, but still full of nervous energy after many runs. I am tempted to cut my post-run stretching short and just hit the showers.

Does this also happen to you? I have found a great trick for making sure I relax after my run and actually do my stretches - listen to soothing music after my run.

One CD that really calms me down is a collection of music actually designed for Yoga. The Putumayo Yoga CD is full of relaxing songs.

The MSNBC article 'Why Music Makes Exercise Easier' describes the positive effects of music on exercise. I agree with the theory that upbeat songs encourage fast, economical running, so I think listening to slow, peaceful songs to encourage relaxing after a run makes sense.

I will also experiment with using the CD to relax before my Saratoga Palio half marathon this Sunday!

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