Friday, August 14, 2009

Best Advice on Using Ice to Heal Sore Muscles and Stop Muscle Pain for Athletes

I visited William J. Smith, C-PED, M.S.P.T. at General Orthopedic in Colonie for a tune-up of my sport specific orthotics. I have been running injury free since I started wearing the orthotic in my running shoes, but I still get blisters on my arches. Mr. Smith adjuested the arch again and recoated the bottom of the orthotic. He said I will get about two years of wear on my orthotic before I will need a replacement.

I felt very proud to show him my finishing time in the Utica Boilermaker 15K race. I would have never been able to run and finish the race without my orthotics.

Mr. Smith asked if I had any more ilio-tibial pain. I smiled and said no, but my ice pack has sure been my best friend in recuperating from my iliotibial band injury earlier this year.

The folks at have published ‘The best advice on the use of ice,’ an article with several tips on how to effectively use ice to heal sore muscles. I agree with their advice on using shorter duration repeated ice treatments instead of one continuous treatment. I did this by moving the ice pack around to different spots on my ilio tibial band.

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