Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trail notes from Kilimanjaro Machame Route – Day 4

Trail notes from Kilimanjaro Machame Route – Day 4

by Kathleen Lisson

I climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro with Serengeti Pride Safari in July 2014. Here are some tips from my hiking experience.

Barranco to Karanga


By the time we got to Barranco camp, my nose was sunburnt and my nails were dirty. 

I wore pantyliners and changed them daily and took a baby wipe with me to the restroom. I used the water we were given in the morning and evening to wash my face. I even put my feet in the bowl a few times! I used baby wipes to wash my body. 

I started to feel sensitivity where my sports bra covered the side of my body because I wasn’t used to wearing a sports bra 24 hours a day, but I didn’t have any redness or rash. 

I stored my toothbrush and toothpaste with my pills in my “pharmacy” bag and took it to breakfast and dinner. I used a cup of warm water to brush my teeth after dinner and my fellow hikers quickly followed suit. The other option was to brush our teeth in the cold darkness outside our tent. 

My gaiters did an excellent job of keeping stones out of my boots and keeping the bottoms of my pants clean through multiple wearings.  

I took some napkins from the Zoey’s Double Hex in Manchester, VT and put one in my pocket each day for blowing my nose. The napkins worked well but my nose was getting raw from all the blowing.

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