Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Runner's Sports Massage at the Center for Natural Wellness in Albany, NY

I went to the Massage Clinic at the Center for Natural Wellness for a routine massage last night. As soon as I found myself resting comfortably on the massage table, I realized that it has been too long since my last massage, almost a year.

John was my masseur. He was full of energy, and used a mixture of massage strokes, direct pressure and stretching to reduce tension and flush out the lactic acid in my leg muscles.

Massage Is Your Canary In the Mineshaft

I recommend massage because, for me, it sheds light on tension and soreness in my muscles BEFORE they become injuries. During my massage, John found tense muscles in my legs that hadn't yet impacted my workouts. He was able to recommend a stretch for my Psoas muscle, the pigeon pose.

My New Exercise To Strengthen My Psoas Muscle

Yoga instructor Cindy Mastry shows Youtube viewers how to do the pose here:

Why Should Runners Try Sports Massage?

Runner's World gives more information about the importance of sports massage for runners in their article, 'The Lowdowns on Rubdowns.'

What has your experience been with massage?

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