Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspiration for Tired Runners

Over the past week I have taken inspiration form an unlikely source - Seth Godin's business blog.

In the blog post, 'How Big is Your Red Zone?' Seth Godin explains a concept that I think can be applied to running. Every runner needs a "green dot" person, motivating her to keep on running through the frustration and plateaus. My green dot is a fellow endurance athlete that I admire for his dedication to his sport.

In another blog post titled, 'Avoiding Momentum,' Godin writes about the difference between a hobby and a profession. Now that the mileage is getting harder on my body, I need to adopt Godin's advice and treat my running schedule as a professional would.

Do you treat running like a profession? Do you have a mentor or cheerleader that you depend upon when your motivation is low?

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