Monday, July 26, 2010

Week Five of Half Marathon Training : How to do a Plie Squat

I am on week five of Hal Higdon's half marathon intermediate training plan.

A copy of the plan is here:

My half marathon is in September, so I have had to start the plan at week three instead of at week one.

So far, I am responding well to the workouts. I am running seven miles an hour at the gym on the treadmill and getting in a few early morning runs as well. The temperatures have been quite warm in Albany this July, too warm for me to run outside after work without slowing my pace.

I am doing a half-hour aerobic tape of squats and lunges for my 'strengthen' workout. The plie squat is the hardest part of that workout, and soreness in my inner thighs is making me whine pathetically every time I climb stairs!

Plie squats make me feel humble. "Miz Fit" shows you how to do a plie squat in this video:

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