Monday, May 10, 2010

Book Review: Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels

In the book ‘Making the Cut,’ personal trainer Jillian Michaels offers a diet and exercise plan targeted for fit men and women looking to lose the last 20 pounds and perfect their already- athletic bodies.

Michaels offers a good plan for recording initial fitness measurements, including a step test, pushups, situps, and a wall sit. She also offers a 49 question Metabolic Typing Test to determine if the reader is a slow oxidizer, balanced oxidizer or fast oxidizer. I found this test very interesting. It focuses on what the reader instinctively chooses to eat and how food affects mood, energy level and feelings of hunger throughout the day. It was an eye opener to realize that a nutrition plan really cannot be one size fits all. If an athlete is used to eating and feeling satisfied with a fat-heavy diet of meats and cheeses, switching to a salad and fruit based diet is a big stretch!

This book has many of the same elements as other diet and fitness plans – recipes, shopping lists, menus as well as workouts and exercise descriptions. Michaels focuses on circuit workouts and a mix of single joint and multi joint exercises, but no sports specific training. ‘Making the Cut’ is about having an attractive body in a bikini or for a special occasion like a wedding or reunion.

What is your opinion of Metabolic typing?

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