Monday, April 12, 2010

A Man Signed Up to Run a Marathon Just to Impress Me

Brian told me that he signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon just to impress me. We went on a 10 mile run around Washington, DC on Easter Sunday.

Things I got to teach Brian about long distance running on our run:

Hydrate - we stopped every few miles at water fountains to drink and cool off. The temperature was 85 degrees and sunny, so the water stops kept us going!

Feed - Brian had an inspired idea - bring bite-sized mini Snickers Marathon candy bars along. I put about 8 in the back pocket of my Livestrong tank top. We ended up using all but one. It is important to have a tried and true fueling strategy for long distance racing. If bite sized Snickers agree with his stomach and provide glucose during a run and taste good so he will actually WANT to eat them, they serve their purpose. I started feeding at the two or three mile mark, and continued every half hour, or when there was a water fountain nearby. I found the chocolate aftertaste pleasant in my mouth.

Fun - As you can see from the photo, we had fun on our run. We stopped to take drinks, we weaved our way through the Cherry Blossom festival crowds, we took a few photos.

Post-run Fueling - We enjoyed Guinness and Klondike bars after our run! Since I was away from home, I didn't have access to protein powder or milk or fruit, which are my usual recovery fuels. I enjoyed a Guinness instead.

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