Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 15 Insights on Running - How to get started, overcome injury, and plan to win the big race

Seth Godin published a list of “rules” for making sure your project is truly “an idea worth spreading.”, My experiment for today is to see if I can apply some of his rules to share my insight with new runners on how to best integrate running into their lifestyles.

Seth Godin: Don't plan on appearing on a reality show as the best way to launch your idea.
My Version – Don’t wait to start racing until a big, high profile race. If your big idea is that you are a runner, testing your legs in a smaller race will give you experience. The big races will come later.

Seth Godin: Waiting for inspiration is another way of saying that you're stalling. You don't wait for inspiration, you command it to appear.
My Version – Waiting to start running until next January, spring, summer, fall, you lose weight, your schedule is free is another way of stalling.

Seth Godin: Don't poll your friends. It's your art, not an election.
My Version: Don’t poll your friends. It’s your life, not theirs.

Seth Godin: Never pay a non-lawyer who promises to get you a patent.
My Version: Never listen to a non-runner that promises to make you faster.

Seth Godin: Avoid powerful people. Great ideas aren't anointed, they spread through a groundswell of support.
My Version: Don’t feel constrained to follow the training plans of the top runners. Adjust your training schedule and find what works best for you.

Seth Godin: The hard part is finishing, so enjoy the starting part.
My Version: The hard part is finishing, so enjoy the starting part.

Seth Godin: Powerful organizations adore the status quo, so expect no help from them if your idea challenges the very thing they adore.
My Version: Your body adores the status quo, so expect no help from your couch potato instincts if your idea challenges the very thing it adores, which is lying on the couch and thinking of excuses not to change your lifestyle.

Seth Godin: Figure out how long your idea will take to spread, and multiply by 4.
My Version: Start with a common sense training plan, but be flexible enough to take all your rest days and realize that changing your body will not happen overnight.

Seth Godin: Be prepared for the Dip.
My Version: Be prepared to achieve your first running goal, and then plateau, get injured, get sick, or run out of inspiration. It’s how you handle adversity and whether you continue running or not that will determine whether you try running for a while or become a life long runner.

Seth Godin: Keep your overhead low and don't quit your day job until your idea can absorb your time.
My Version: Don’t feel that you have to invest in expensive running clothes and fly around America running marathons. Your biggest expense should be your running shoes.

Seth Godin: Think big. Bigger than that.
My Version: Running can be addicting. Yes, you can run a half marathon. The only thing holding you back is your mind’s determination that your body is too weak.

Seth Godin: Are you a serial idea-starting person? If so, what can you change to end that cycle? The goal is to be an idea-shipping person.
My Version: Spend some quality time brainstorming answers to the following questions: How can I get back to running after an injury, after a family crisis, after the holidays, when I am in a plateau?

Seth Godin: Pick a budget. Pick a ship date. Honor both. Don't ignore either. No slippage, no overruns.
My Version: Run the race you entered. Even if you don’t finish anywhere near your goal pace. There is no giving up in running.

Seth Godin: Be grateful. Rise up to the opportunity, and do the idea justice.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

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